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Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space on the same line.


In ancient Greece running had a special (0) importance at the IMPORTANT

opening event of the Olympics and was part of all

public games.

(1) ___runners were held in great respect and received SUCCESS

the (2) _____ rewards. HIGH

Running is a natural (3) ____, and as well as events like the ACTIVE

marathon that require very special (4) _____, it’s also a PREPARE

(5) ____part o many other sports like football and tennis. CENTRE

If athletes are (6) ____, they can use opportunities to save SKILL

vital seconds and increase their lead over other (7) _____. COMPETE

Regular running helps general health and (8) ______, FIT

sharpening the senses and improving the (9) _______of EFFICIENT

the heart and lungs.

It can also improve stamina and general (10) ______. STRONG

Sound imitation


ЗВУКОПОДРАЖАНИЕ (ономатопея) слово, которое служит для имитации звуков окружающей действительности средствами языка. Например, в русском языке существует большая группа слов, обозначающих звуки, которые производятся животными: мяу, гав-гав, ква-ква, чик-чирик. Другие слова передают неречевые звуки, производимые человеком: кхе-кхе, чмок, ха-ха-ха, а также разные другие звучания окружающего мира: бух, кап-кап, чпок, пиф-паф.

Например, русскому кукареку соответствует очень похожее слово во в английском: cock-a-doodle-doo.

Match the Russian words with their English equivalents.


мычать thump-thump
квакать cheep
ворчать giggle
баю-бай, убаюкивать whiz
бах, бац; сильный удар hushbaby/hush
мяукать babble
тук-тук, наносит тяжелый удар croak
шикать quacking
жужжать neigh
лепет mew
хлоп, хлопнуть mumble
писк grumble
шипение cackle
кудахтать buzz
ржание cuckoo
хихикать pop
свист moo
шамкать boo
куковать bang
кряканье fizz

Unit 10



Test 1

Variant 1

Define the part of speech of the following words.

1. existence 2. application 3. numerous 4. liquefy 5. backward 6. undertake 7. digital 8. quantitatively 9. mixture 10. feedback 11. corpuscular 12. indispensable 13. decompose 14. resistance 15. originally 16. collaborate 17. density 18. approximately 19. software 20. intention

2. Fill in blanks transforming the words in brackets:

1. The tailor took my _______ and said my suit would be ready in two weeks. (measure)

2. The cream cakes looked delicious but Harry resisted the _______ to have one. (tempt)

3. The police were puzzled by the _______ disappearance of the jewels. (mystery)

4. Bill always looks smart although his clothes are not very _______. (fashion)

5. Thompson's new novel is a considerable _______ on his last one. (improve)

6. It is very _______ whether the plan will go ahead. (doubt)

7. Despite hours of discussion, the members of the committee could not reach _______. (agree)

8. Karen is a very _______ person and loves outdoor holidays. (energy)

9. Leslie _______ broke a plate while doing the washing up. (accident)

10. Is everything included in the price or are there any _______ charges? (add)


Form new words with the help of suitable suffixes or prefixes.

смысл sense бессмысленный
темный dark темнота
возможный possible невозможный
вред harm вредный
жалость ruth безжалостный
узкий narrow узко
командовать command командир
физика physics физик
принимать accept неприемлемый
работа по найму employ безработица

Choose the correct word for each sentence.

1. He's a man of great ...

a) generousness

b) generoushood

c) generosity

d) generously


2. I'll always remember my ... as a very happy period of my life.

a) childness

b) childhood

c) childish

d) childless


3. We can't go on unless we have his ...

a) agreement

b) agreeable

c) agreeability

d) disagree


4. She takes great care about her ...

a) appearment

b) appearness

c) appearance

d) apparition


5. She said nothing in her ...

a) defend

b) defence

c) defendant

d) defensive


Test 1

Variant 2

Define the part of speech of the following words. Use the letters N – noun; Adj. – adjective; V – verb; Adv. - adverb.

1. sulphuric 2. strengthen 3. accommodation 4. hardness 5. oxidize 6. complexity 7. arrangement 8. envision 9. automated 10. ensure 11. setback 12. initially 13. estimate 14. fraction 15. fairly 16. failure 17. inquisitive 18. rigid 19. radical 20. connection


2. Fill in blanks transforming the words in brackets:

1. The street was so _______ that Janet slipped and hurt her leg. (ice)

2. To his great _______, Jim was not selected for his country's swimming team. (disappoint)

3. Many people think that television is the cause of increasing _______ in modern society. (violent)

4. Mrs. Jones was not _______ with the hotel so she decided to complain to the manager. (satisfy)

5. Andrew improved his _______ of the world during the year he spent travelling. (know)

6. The _______ of the fire was welcome after our long journey through the snow. (warm)

7. Peter blamed his failure on his own _______ . (stupid)

8. The explorers walked slowly into the forest, advancing very _______. (caution)

9. It always seems _______ to throw good food away. (waste)

10. I think William would make a good sports teacher, because he is so _______. (energy)


Form new words with the help of suitable suffixes or prefixes.

различать differ различный  
забывать forget незабываемый  
польза use бесполезный  
мысль thought задумчивый  
решать solve решение  
менять change изменчивый  
доказывать prove доказательство  
соревноваться compete конкурентоспособный  
случай occasion случайно  
cила power сильный  
связывать connect рассоединить  


Choose the correct word for each sentence.

1. His daughter's success gave him great ... .

a) satisfied

b) satisfaction

c) satisfactory

d) dissatisfaction


2. It's ... to speak to him; he's very stubborn.

a) useful

b) use

c) useless

d) user


3. Telescopes are very ... instruments.

a) sensible

b) sensitive

c) senseless

d) sensational


4. That law is not ... in this case.

a) applicable

b) application

c) applied

d) applicant


5. She's a very ... secretary.

a) effective

b) effectiveness

c) efficient

d) effectively



Test 2

For each of the questions choose the one correct answer.

1.Long is an adjective. What is the related verb?

a. longing

b. lengthen

c. longthen

d. longering

2.What is the opposite of 'resistible'?

a. unresistible

b. irresistible

c. disresistible

d. inresistible


3.What is the opposite of ‘patient’?

a. impatient

b. inpatient

c. unpatient

d. dispatient

4. ‘Safe’ is an adjective, what is its related noun?

a. safely

b. safer

c. safety

d. safeness


5.What is the opposite of ‘tolerant’?

a. imtolerant

b. untolerant

c. distolerant

d. intolerant


6.What's the opposite of 'perfect'?

a. unperfect

b. inperfect

c. imperfect

d. deperfect

7. Which form of ‘walk’ starts this sentence? "________ is good for you."

a. To walk

b. Walk

c. Walking

d. Walked


8. Make a new word from ‘economy’ to fill the space. "My new car is

more ________ than my last one."

a. economical

b. economic

c. economise

d. economics


9. The Internet is an amazing ________.

a. invent

b. inventor

c. invention

d. inventive


10. What is a synonym of rude?

a. inpolite

b. dispolite

c. unpolite

d. impolite


11. Which word doesn’t make a word with -able? e.g. countable

a. help

b. understand

c. rely

d. respect

12. Which of the following adjectives ending in -ful doesn’t exist?

a. painful

b. beautiful

c. funful

d. fruitful


13. The following are all negative adjectives with un-. Which should be


a. untidy

b. unhonest

c. unsociable

d. unreliable




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Unit 1. Noun suffixes 5

Unit 2. Adjective suffixes 23

Unit 3. Verb suffixes 34

Unit 4. Adverb suffixes 39

Unit 5. Prefixes 44

Unit 6. Conversion 57

Unit 7. Word-composition 60

Unit 8. Other types of word-formation 68

Unit 9. Additional exercises 73

Unit 10. Tests 92

Bibliography 101


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