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Перепишите. Письменно переведите текст.

The role of journalists in British society has been altered somewhat in the public perception in recent years due to the decline in stand­ards witnessed in many newspapers, particularly in the popular or tabloid press.

Up to 20 years ago traditional views would hold that journalists would be generally conservative and that they would stay within the bounds of observed good taste.

However, the nature of tabloid journalism has changed that. The introduction of a highly-charged marketing war between major publishers - in particular involving the titles of News International which owns five national newspapers - the Sun, the News of the World, the Times, the Sunday Times and Today — has led to an increase in sensationalism and un­ethical activity.

Major items of news have been fabricated while the practice of paying in­dividuals, including criminals, for exclusive rights to their stories has been widely criticized.


Задайте к тексту упражнения 1 пять вопросов: общий, специальный, к подлежащему и пр.

Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на различные функции слова «ONE».

1. One must know one’s duty.

2. Don’t put on old shoes, put on new ones.

3. We were given a new text. It was more difficult than the previous one.

4. We can see a drop in morals because of the loss of hope that anything can be changed in life for the better.

5. It’s nearly five o’clock.


Перепишите и переведите предложения, учитывая разные функции Participle I и Participle II.

1. When invited he always comes on time.

2. He took part in the conference invited by his fellow-workers.

3. I was very pensive considering it.

4. He answered through the locked door.

5. Having seen him unexpectedly she crossed the street to be lost in the crowd.

6. The discovery made and the data obtained were published in “Science News’.


Раскройте скобки, поставьте глаголы в нужной временной форме.

1. It (rain) hard when I (wake) up yesterday.

2. The porter said he (take) the luggage.

3. My brother (play) hockey for five years already. He (play) for the national team in ten matches.

4. When the telephone rang I 9write) a letter

5. The police officer asked me what I (do) at the time when the accident (take) place.

6. Jane, I am so glad you (get) to my place at last. I (wait) for you all day.


Поставьте предложения в страдательный залог и переведите их.

1. Grandmother gave me a wonderful cookery book.

2. The customer has to pay this bill.

3. I’ll try but I don’t think they will listen to me.

4. The examiner took no notice of her slip of the tongue.

5. People speak a lot about the latest events.


Поставьте прилагательные/наречия в нужной по смыслу форме.

1. Donald is (well-off) than either of his brothers.

2. Cats are (clean) than monkeys, but monkeys are (intelligent) than cats.

3. Have you met our new colleagues, Mr. Brown and Mr. Green? The former is an excellent economist, (late) is a good lawyer.

4. Of two evils choose the (little).

5. There are nine planets in our solar system and Pluto is (far).


8. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на функцию и форму герундия.

1. While reading a story in English, I came across many useful word combinations.

2. He apologized to the teacher for not having done his lesson.

3. She is busy translating some articles.

4. You can’t become a good specialist without being trained for a long time.

5. Swimming every day keeps me in shape.


Закончите предложения, выбирая правильную форму инфинитива. Укажите его функцию.

1. She touched his shoulder as if to (stop/be stopped) him.

2. To (make /be made) the world better has always been his aim.

3. Miss Honey removed her spectacles and began to (polish/be polished) the lenses with a piece of tissue.

4. There is every reason to (be believed/believe) that the child was kidnapped.

5. The last item of the program was a grand display of fireworks to (let off/be let off) exactly at midnight.


10. Перепишите предложения, выбрав правильный вариант.

1. She read the letter … it to pieces.

a) tore b) torn c) teared d) has teared


2. I have got … money than I had last year. a) most b) fewer c) least d) less


3. Robert … in Kenya a few years ago. a) has arrived b) arrived c) had arrived d) is arriving


4. I don’t think he actually had … me about his problem. a) to talk b) to tell c) telling d) to be told


5. Dick is … than both Tom and Adam. a) more fat b) fatter c) the fattest d) as fat


6. You are lucky … alive after being in that accident. a) to be b) being c) were d) had been


7. While I … to the concert somebody knocked at my door.

a) listen b) was listening c) was listen d) have been listening


8. I am going to retire next month and I’m looking forward to … quiet life after the pressure I … under for so many years.

a) having a , have been b) have, had been c) have, was d) having a, had been


9. The situation is becoming … . The main thing to do now is getting … as soon as possible.

a) threatening, on b) threatened, out c) threatened, through d) threatening, away


10. Bob is the … of the two brothers. But his younger brother is … taller than he is.

a) oldest, much more b) eldest, more c) elder, much d) older, more much


11. It was a chance … , so we made a list of things … . a) not miss, be taken b) not to be missed, to be taken c) of not missing, being taken d) of not missed, to be taken


12. He is afraid … to Mrs. Priestly. In his place I would rather … her. He may depend on her … the problem properly.

a) of speaking, trusting, understanding b) to speak, trust, understanding

c) of speaking, to trust, understanding d) to speak, to trust, to understand


13. The train … just as he … the station.

a) came, reached b) had come, had reached

c) came, had reached d) has come, reached


14. You are a fool … all his stories. He has made them all … .

a) to listen, out b) to hear, on c) to listen to, up d) to listen on, off


15. I always regretted … Egypt. I can’t help … its ancient civilization. a) not visiting, admiring b) do not visit, admire

c) not to visit, to admire d) not having visited, to have admired



Вариант 5


Перепишите. Письменно переведите текст.


In general the mass media of Japan has become a huge commercial business. For instance, the total circulation of daily newspapers in Japan is about 68 million. In circulation rate, it ranks first in the world. One newspaper alone has a circulation of more than eight million. It is characteristic of the situation that major papers hold a monopoly in the market.

Some 70 million TV sets are in use, amounting to one TV set for every 1,5 persons. The number of books published annually reaches 36.000, which is the fifth place in the world, following Britain. As for magazines, some 6 billion copies are issued every year.

In this situation the mass media has a considerable influence in Japan. The ruling circles have consistently strengthened interference and control of the media so as to use its influence as an instrument for reinforcing their rule. In this situation of politics and press the journalists have ever more responsibilities and tasks to handle.


Задайте к тексту упражнения 1 пять вопросов: общий, специальный, к подлежащему и пр.


Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на различные функции слова «ONE».

1. One can never tell, but to my mind he could make a fairly good husband.

2. On the one hand it is true, on the other not quite.

3. These gloves are a bit tight. Can you show bigger ones?

4. One who teaches is called a teacher.

5. One should always keep one’s word.


Перепишите и переведите предложения, учитывая разные функции Participle I и Participle II.

1. This novel explores the healing power of love.

2. Raised on Wyoming, David sometimes writes songs about sad cowboys.

3. There was such a freezing cold wind, and such heavy rain, that we all stayed indoors.

4. I spent the evening chatting to a visiting Russian priest.

5. Where are you? I am totally lost without you.

6. Having refused to accept the invitation he left the office.


Раскройте скобки, поставьте глаголы в нужной временной форме.

1. I already (pick) ten pounds of strawberries! I (grow) strawberries for ten years.

2. Kate said that she (love) children very much, that’s why she (want) to be a teacher.

3. The phone (ring). Can you answer it?

4. Will you ask Ann if she (take part) in the excursion next Sunday?

5. I’m too tired to walk. I think I (take) a taxi. I’ll phone when I (be) at home.

6. He (buy) a new house last year, but he (not, sell) his old house yet, at the moment he (have) two houses.


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