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Dharmdngada Born as Suvrata The Slaying of the Demon Bala The Killing of Demon Vritra The Story of Prithu (Contd.) Anga Gets a Boon from Vasudeva Sunltha, Gets Married and Vena is Born On Gifts and Worthy Recipients of Gifts The Fruit of Occasional Charity The Boar Gives a Tough Fight to Iksvaku The Female Hog Fights Back The Story of Rahgavidyddhara The Story of Vasudatta and His Daughter Sudeva Padmavati Succumbs to Gobhila's Fraudulent Approach Padmavati Is Grief-stricken Padmdvati Returns to Her Husband's Place Sukala s Sickening Description of the Body Indra Tries to Dissuade Kama The Trap Is Laid For Sukala Riligious Observances Without One's Wife Are Fruitless Parents As Sacred Places of Pilgrimage Merit Resulting from Service of Parents Matali's Discourse on Old Age Matali on Why the Body Is Left Behind Matali on Three Kinds of Sin Righteous Acts Enjoined by Shiva (Shivadharmas) Identity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Yayati's Reluctance to Part with the Body Popularity of Vishnu Cult during Yayati's Rule Yayati's Subjects became Deathless by the Grace of Vishnu Dharmaraja Rendered Jobless Puru Gives His Youth to Yayati Youthful Yaydti Enjoys with Asrubindumati Tadu Refuses to Kill His Mothers Yayati Visits the Divine Worlds Glorification of Devotion to Parents Divyadevi As Chitra in Her Former Birth Divyddevi Goes to Vishnu's Heaven The Powers of the Holy Places Vidura, Candrasarman, Vedasarman and Vahjula Vijvala Narrates His Experience In Praise of Making Gift of Food Deeds Which Lead to Heaven Good and Bad Deeds and the Fate of the Performer Subahu Eats His Own Flesh God Vishnu Appears to Subahu Vena Asks to Hear More about Kunjala Asokasundarl Is Saved and Ayu Gets Boon Vasishtha's Instruction to Nahusa Vidvara, a Kinnara, Dispels Asokasundarf s Apprehensions Rambha Acts as AsokasundarVs Messenger CHAPTER ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN Hunda is Killed in the Battle Nahusa Marries Asokasundari CHAPTER ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN CHAPTER ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN CHAPTER ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN CHAPTER ONE HUNDRED TWENTY CHAPTER ONE HUNDRED TWENTYONE CHAPTER ONE HUNDRED TWENTYTWO Kunjala's Story: A Preceptor Is a Holy Place The Merit of Listening to or Reciting This Purana Suta Romaharsana Agrees to Narrate Padma Purana The Creation of the Elements, Prakrti etc. Various Mountains, and Regions of the Earth Bharatavarsa: Its Rivers and Regions Sakadvipa: Mountains, Rivers and Countries Salmalika, Kraunca, Kusha and Puskara Dvipas and Their Mountains Puskara, the Holiest of Holy Places Sages Pray to God Shiva for Protection from Demon Bana The Greatness of Amarakantaka More Tirthas on the Bank of Narmada Vihagesvara, Narmadesvara, Asvatlrtha, Pitamaha, Savitrltirtha, Manasa etc. The Story of Five Gandharva Maidens The Sage Lomasa Comes to the Help of the Goblins Pihgatirtha, Narmada, Dvaravati, Timi etc. Vitasta, Malada, Manimanta, Brahmavalaka etc. Kuruksetra, Pariplava, Salvikinl, Kotitirtha etc. Kanyatlrtha, Saptasarasvata, Prithudaka, Sannihiti, etc. Kalinditirtha: Efficacy of Yamuna Hemakuydala and His Two Sons Vikundala''s Dialogue with the Devaduta Sugandha, Arundhativata, Sindhuprabhava etc. The Greatness of Krttivdsesvara Gayd and Other Holy Places Savidya Sandhya, Lauhitya, Karatoya, etc. Markandeya Recommends Pilgrimage to Prayaga The Fruit of Visiting Prayaga Agnitlrtha, Viranjana, Svargatirtha etc. More about Merits Derived from Pilgrimage Vishnu's Name the Greatest Holy Place Karmayoga or Rules of Conduct Rules of Conduct for a Celibate Student Rules for the Householder Dont'sfor a Twice-born Householder Do's and Don't's in Eating Acts of Charity Prescribed for a Householder Code of Conduct for an Anchorite Rules of Conduct for a Sannyasi Restraints for a Sannyasi Devotion to Vishnu the Best Way to Salvation Who Are the Devotees of Vishnul Salutation to Shri Vedavyasa The Importance of Besmearing the Floor of Vishnu's Temple The Importance of Offering a Lamp to Vishnu The Importance of Fasting on the Jayanti Day The Deeds for Which One Becomes Soilless Acts Leading to Vaikuntha The Greatness of Radhashtami Prelude to the Churning of Ocean The Importance of Observing a Vow in Honour of Laksmi Merit Earned by Protecting a Brahmana The Importance of the Vow of Janmastami The Greatness of a Brahmana The Importance of Ekadashi The Importance of Water Flowing from Vishnu's Feet Purificatory Acts for One Guilty of Illegitimate Intercourse Purificatory Acts for Other Sins The Greatness of the Worship of Radha-Damodara Restrictions While Observing the Kartika Vow The Importance of Vishnupancaka In Praise of Giving Gifts The Importance of Keeping Promise Rama Sees Nandigrama from Puspaka Salutation to Shri Ganesha. The Coming of Sage Agasti Agastya Begins Ravana's Story Elimination of Ravana by Vishnu Instructions in Religious Practices Rama Appoints Shatrughna as the Protector of the Horse The Asvamedha Horse Is Let Loose Ahicchatra City, King Sumada and Kama Satruglma Enters Ahicchatra City Chyavana's Penance and Enjoyments The Horse Goes to Chyavanas Hermitage Arrival of a Brahmana Ascetic Ratnagriva Goes on a Pilgrimage to Purushottama The Importance of Gandaki Purushottama Appears to the King in the Guise of an Ascetic The Greatness of Nila Mountain Damctna Fights with Pratapagrya Subahu Gets Ready with His Army in the Kraunca Array A Fierce Fight Between Laksmlnidhi and Suketu King Subahu Surrenders to Shatrughna Janaka Releases Sinners from Hell King Rtambhara is Blessed with a Son Shatrughna's Army Gets Ready to Fight Vidyunmdlin Vidyunmalin Killed in Battle Dialogue between Lomasa and Aranyaka Lomasa Narrates the Deeds of Rama to Aranyaka Sage Aranyaka Goes to Vishnu's Heaven Getting Back the Horse from the Possession of an UnderWater Female The Seizure of the Horse by ViramanVs Son Shatrughna Resolves to Fight Against Viramani Rukmangada Is Defeated by Puskala Defeat of Puskala and Shatrughna Hanumat on the Drona Mountain Shri Rama Appears on the Battlefield Viramani Surrenders the Horse to Shri Rama The Sacrificial Horse Develops Stiffness The Horse Is Relieved of Stiffness King Suratha Seizes the Horse Angada Delivers Shatrughna's Message to Suratha Hanumat Frees Puskala from Campaka King Suratha Wins the Battle Rama Frees the Bound Heroes Lava Binds the Sacrificial Horse The Observation of the Spies Rama Seeks Bharata's Advice The Washerman's Former Birth Lakshmana Leaves Sita in the Forest The Birth of Kusha and Lava Lava Defeats the Army and Kills the General Hanumat Falls Unconscious Sumati Describes the Adventurous Events to Rama Singing of Ramayana by Kusha and Lava The Commencement of the Sacrifice The Story of Krishna Begins A Description of Shrikrishna The Greatness of Radhakrishna Devotees of Kfshria Born in Gokula as Cowherdesses Arjtma's Wish and Its Fulfilment Worship Prescribed for a Devotee of Vishnu Do's and Don't's for a Devotee af Vishnu Monthwise Rites Prescribed for a Vishnu Devotee Manlracintamani for Devotees of Krishna The Greatness of Vrindavana Krishna's Love Sports in Vrindavana Acts to be Performed in Vaishakha Subtle Are the Ways of Dharma Devasharman’s Life in the Previous Birth An Account of Devasharman's Good Deeds of Previous Birth Happy End of Devasharman’s Story The Means of Destroying Sins More Rites and Rituals to be Observed in Vaishakha Deeds Leading to Hell and Heaven More Sinful and Meritorious Deeds The Greatness of Vaikuntha Kaiyapa's Advice to King Mahlratha Carnal Enjoyment Is Sinful King Mahlratha Goes to Vifnu's Abode King Mahiratha Gives Part of His Merit to the Sufferers in Hell How to Meditate on Krishna in Vaiiakha Dialogue between Sambhu and Rama Om, salutation to Shri Ganesha. The Importance of Sacred Ash A Sinful Brahmana Becomes an Attendant of Virabhadra CHAPTER ONE HUNDRED SEVEN How to Prepare Sacred Ash Jabali Recommends Phallus Worship to the Brahmana Iksvaku How a King Became Shiva's Attendant Agnisikha The Sinner Vidhfta Goes to Shiva's Abode The Story of shоshа and His Wife Kala The Requirements for Narrating a Puraria Dialogue between Shiva and Rama Reciting and Listening to Puranas Is Meritorious Narration of the Ramayana of a Former Kalpa Fruit of Worship by Justly Procured, Stolen and Impaired Material The Contents of the Section in Brief Jalandhara Js Born and Blessed by Brahma Jalandhara's Marriage and Consecration War Between Gods and Demons Lakshmi Intervenes in the Fight between Vishnu and Jalandhara The Creation of a New Powerful Weapon by Shiva Jalandhara's Messenger Rahu Meets Shiva Shiva's Attendants Fight the Demons Off Shiva Arrives on the Battlefield Jalandhara Disguised as Shiva Goes to Parvati Vishnu Creates Illusion for Vrinda Jalandhara Gives up His Disguise Shukra is Confined by Kftya inside Her Vulva A Description of ShriSaila An Eulogy of Ganga, Yamuna, Prayaga The Importance of Prayaga Constructing Tanks, Planting Trees etc. Merit Coming From Exposition of a Sacred Text The Importance of Goplcandana The Greatness of the Vow of Lamp A Gift of Land Is the Best A Hymn to Sani as a Remover of Trouble The Account of Trisprisha Keeping Awake on Ekadasl and Dvadasi The Origin of Ekadashi and the Killing of Demon Mura The Importance of the Moksada Ekadashi The Vow of shaftila Ekadashi The Importance of Caturmasya Caturmasya Vow to be Concluded Properly The Vow of Sravana Dvadasl Vishnu's One Thousand Names Merit of Reciting the Vishnusahasranama Merit Earned through Gifts The Hymn Causing Prosperity The Importance of Apamarjana The Greatness of Vishnu's Devotees The Sayana Festival of Vishnu The Investiture of the Sacred Thread Dialogue Between Satyabhama and Krishna Hereafter (the narration of) the importance of the month of Kartika is commenced. An Account of' Satyabhama's Former Birth Kartika Best among Months and Ekadashi among Days Rules for the Vow of Kartika Restraints during the Kartika Vow Bringing the Vow to Conclusion The Conquest of Amardvati by Jalandhara Vishnu Promises not to Kill Ja landhara

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